Hmm .. A whole page about me!

No! The photo above is not my office, although I’d love to get an office like that. Its just a photo I captured during my last holiday in Denmark.

I’ve been working a designer for the past 252,455,616 Seconds.. or 8 years.. lately I’m specialising more in UI and UX design, which is why in October I started my new venture with WhiteHat Gaming as a Lead designer.

I’ve also been a photographer for more than 126,227,808 Seconds .. you have to calculate this 🙂 .. specialising in Fashion, Event and Wedding photography. Although I’d love to take landscape and street photography especially when I’m traveling.


Justin Ciappara

To be honest I used this space so the website will look better and cleaner.
You can keep reading below or else send me an email with your request!


I’ve worked with several clients on both design and photography. Some of these clients are Sky News, Forgather, MicroGaming, GIG, Netent etc. I’m trying to update my website often (depends how busy I am) so subscribe to my website to check out the new projects I’ll be working on in the future!


In the past 8 years I’ve worked in different sectors, from menu designs for a restaurant to a website design for an online casino. 


Although I’m more focused on Event, Fashion and Wedding photography. I’m always interested in a new project!


Worked with several companies to help market their own products mainly on advertising, both on online and offline media.


When combining my knowledge of Design, Photography and Marketing I can build a solid branding for your new venture.