Happy New Year!

2020 was a tough year but hopefully 2021 will be better for all of us! A lot of people say New Year, New Me .. but how about New Year, New Challenge! Yep I’m talking about the 365 Photo Challenge (For me it was 366 since it was a Leap Year). During lunch last year I was chatting with my brother and decided to start this challenge by posting a photo everyday. I remember a couple years ago I wanted to try but I failed in the first month but this time I wanted to finish the challenge!

First Shot

This was my first photo, January 1st 2020, I went straight to Riviera Bay, one of my favourite spots, and captured this colourful sunset! Determined than ever was already thinking where and what kind of photo I’ll be posting the next day.

Since mainly I shoot fashion, I was thinking if I should post only fashion photos or a mixture of photos. Same thing with the camera, was deciding if I should use my iPhone or my Nikon or else both.

Since I like traveling and had a few holidays planned already, I decided to focus on different categories, such as landscapes, food, macro, fashion, portraits and events. Little did I know that Covid-19 would take over my plans and make this challenge even more challenging than ever!

Since I’m a professional photographer, I couldn’t just post random photos, I had to make sure that I upload good shots and perfectly edited to match the quality of photos I normally post on my social media, but in the end, I had to accept the reality that I wasn’t going to strike gold each day. I really did try though!

Tips & Tricks

  • Create a Routine

Something that helped me to continue this challenge is when I created a routine. At first I wasn’t following any routines but when you start thinking that you shot everything it will be really convenient to have this routine. For example on Tuesdays I used to upload food using the hashtag #FoodTuesdays, and on Thursdays I used to upload a throwback photo as part of the #ThrowbackThursdays, I know I’m suppose to shoot on the day but I guess I deserve it after I didn’t travel much this year! 🙂

Some ideas for routine are:

  1. Monday – Inspiration
  2. Tuesday – Food
  3. Wednesday – Nature
  4. Thursday – Indoors / Throwback
  5. Friday – Family
  6. Saturday – Personal
  7. Sunday – Fun day (anything goes)


  • Keep it Simple

At first I tried to upload a photo everyday at the same time, I decided to do this to create this ‘trend’ for my followers to look for my new photo everyday at 17:00. It might sounds like a good idea but I found myself stressing more if I didn’t manage to capture a photo by 15:00 and ended up taking a random photo which would be of a lesser quality which looking back doesn’t make sense. So take your time and upload when its convenient for you!

  • Find a partner to do it together

It helps to have someone to do the same challenge with you, especially when you get to a point when you just want to quit the challenge and photography 🙂 If you don’t find anyone as challenging as you are, you can always find social media groups about this! As I said, you will get to a point that you want to stop but trust me, deep down its satisfying when you manage to do it all!


  • Don’t complicate the process

At first my idea was to publish the photos on Instagram, Facebook, my website, Pinterest, Behance and LinkedIn to get as much exposure as possible but then I realised that I wouldn’t manage so I kept it to just Instagram and Facebook.  Just to get an idea this was my process:

  1. Capture photo – around of five minutes
  2. Edit photo – around three minutes
  3. Copy Instagram description and edit accordingly – around two minutes
  4. Post on Instagram & Facebook – 30 seconds
  5. Total – 10 minutes approximately

Obviously this is without the time taking to think what to shoot and go on location! 🙂


  • Choose any tool

I was thinking to use only one camera, my iPhone or my Nikon but its difficult to carry the camera with me all the time especially when nowadays the phone cameras are getting better and better. But again, if I have the option to shoot with a camera or drone, I don’t want to miss that shot!  So don’t stick with one device!

That’s a wrap..

As I’m writing this, 2nd January 2021, deep down I’m already feeling that something is missing! After a whole year I don’t have to upload any photos! It is relieving but to be honest I’m missing it already! That is why I already got some ideas for photo challenges to do! If you have any ideas feel free to leave them in the comment section below! 🙂

Below I added some of the photos I captured throughout last year, 2020. If you’d like to see all the photos feel free to visit my instagram link below! I hope you liked reading this and if you are doing this challenge, keep it up and don’t give up! Also let me know in the comments below, your social media account so I’ll start following your challenge! 🙂


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