Valletta during #Covid19

On Saturday 14th March, knowing people are not going out cause of the CoronaVirus outbreak, I decided to visit our Capital City Valletta with my Nikon camera to capture some interesting shots. To be honest I didn’t think I’m going to find a ghost town but to my surprise I did! As you can see from the photos!

Quite, Peaceful or Scary?

As soon as I arrived next to the Tritoni Fountain, I just saw a bus stopping and 3 people came down and ran to the other bus, the rest nothing .. I took photos of the fountain and started walking down republic street when I noticed that I’m in the middle of Republic street and still can hear the fountain! Kept on walking to capture the photos and immediately realised that i’m only taking a couple of photos each time cause there are no people to ‘ruin’ the photos!

What do you think?

Hope you all like the photos! You can check out the full collection of the photos on my facebook page by clicking the button below! Let me know if you’d like to see any particular location during this outbreak!

Feel free to share any photos and comment your thoughts!

Stay safe, clean and always look after to each other, especially our seniors!