Instagram iPad App

Since Instagram haven’t came up with an iPad app, JUST Studio thought of creating a mockup to visualise how the app would look like. Justin came up with this mockup you’re seeing here. Comment below and tell us what you think about it!

Concept for Instagram iPad app

After some brainstorming on how the iPad app concept will look like, we decided to have multiple options to view the feed such as the Gallery + Preview and the Mosaic Gallery. Since its a much bigger screen we had to rethink the way we show the images not to have a bunch of images like a google search. Another thing we thought of, is to have a main dark theme, since the users will have a larger screen and a lot more photos (multiple colours), it won’t be too bright and irritating on the eyes.

Justin also uploaded the mockup on Marvel to see how it is in real life. If you have an iPad or tablet it is suggested to view this mockup on it.

Tools used

For UI design I normally use both Sketch and Figma, but for this one I used Sketch which by far have no issues when coming to design both web and phone interface. Apart from Sketch, I mainly used Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the images to match with the branding. Regarding hardware, my main setup is an iMac Pro and also use my iPad Pro to edit and manipulate images since its easier to use with the Apply Pencil!

Until the next one..

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