Rime Media

Rime Media are a premier digital media services agency offering expert media operations. I was trusted to build their website design, from UX to UI and also Visually. Below I’ll explain briefly the process of this project.

The Idea for Rime Media

After a brief brainstorming meeting about what the client needs, I came up with the idea to create a one page website since it was going to be mainly an informative website. We wanted to be straight to the point with the emphasis for the viewer to get in contact with the comapany. Later on the client wanted a careers page and since the design is suitable for adding extra pages, wasn’t easy to do a UX workaround.


Since the client already had a logo I used it to base the branding. I started by adding a contrasting colour which in this case is the blue, it means loyalty and trustworthy! After we discussed which clients the company is targetting and as you can see below, I created the main image with the bull and the other two for South America and Japan.

Until the next one..

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