Skol Casino

Skol Casino is a brand managed by White Hat Gaming. I was part of this project working mainly on branding and also User Interface. In this post I will explain breifly about the work I did with the team on this online casino.

Skol Casino – The Idea

After we came up with Skol Casino, “Skol” means cheers in Swedish / Norwegian & Danish, I did some reasearch for branding and got an idea to use exotic animals situated in a home environment. This was the sixth casino for WhiteHat Gaming so we wanted to find a new and fresh theme to attract a vast variety of players, from younger to older generation and for both male and female players.

About UI / UX

Our team had a lot of brainstorm sessions for both branding and UI/UX and the main idea was to have a similar features like Netflix, reason being is that its one of the most popular streaming services and almost everyone knows how to use it. Therefore automatically players will see the resemblance with the website and will understand the user experience quicker.

Tools used..

For UI design I normally use both Sketch and Figma, but for this one I used Sketch which by far have no issues when coming to design both web and phone interface. Apart from Sketch, I mainly used Adobe Photoshop to manipulate the images to match with the branding. Regarding hardwork, my main setup is an iMac Pro and also use my iPad Pro to edit and manipulate images since its easier to use with the Apply Pencil!

Until the next one..

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