Another gaming casino project I worked on is ‘Slotnite‘, as one can notice from the name, the team got the idea from the popular game ‘Fortnite’. Since we wanted to attract younger players, we kept the vibe of the game in the branding, by using colourful background and fun characters. Check out the content below to view more!

Slotnite: The Idea

After we brainstormed the idea and the name of the casino, Slotnite, we decided to go for a bright and colourful design to attract a younger generation and also will have a different feel then the other casino that WhiteHat Gaming owns. First we were going to go with 3 main colours but then decided to go with different colours according to the different promotion and pages.

Tools Used

My personal favourite software for UI design is Sketch which by far had no issues when coming to design both web and phone interface. Apart from Sketch, I mainly use Illustrator to create any assets I require since we decided to go for vector imagining. I also did use a bit of photoshop every now and then. Hardware wise I use my Macbook Pro when I’m at the office and my iMac Pro when I’m working at home.

Until the next one..

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