The Idea

Looks like this CoronaVirus home isolation is leaving some creative effects on me! I’ve been wanting to create these kind of photos since I started photography and after working on some designs, releasing the Apple Mask Pro mockup, and the COVID19 Survival Kit, I decided to take on splash photography where I created a quick home studio and selected a few subjects to shoot.

The Process

So basically once I decided to shoot I had to look for the backdrops that I bought around 5 years ago, when I started photography and I bought any ‘useful’ thing that I needed’ and set up a black backdrop. Again had to dig in to find the flash receivers, which surprisingly I found them really quick! And start building the set up which was the kitchen table!.

For the setup I used a black background as I mentioned, two flash guns and a tripod for the camera. As for the lens I used the 35mm, I wanted to use my favourite which is the 85mm but it was too close and to be honest didn’t know what kind of ‘splashes’ I’m going to get so didn’t want to miss anything hence why the wider angle is better!

That’s all for now

Hope you all liked these few photos and I promise to add more in the coming days, have to go to the farmers market to get some interesting fruit and veg and maybe some more interesting objects I found around!

If you have any ideas of what to shoot just contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

As always feel free to share this post and keep safe!