Venere Photoshoot Christmas Edition

In collaboration with the local designer Jaydon Curmi with his brand JAY, it was also aired on a Maltese TV station, TVM, for the fashion program, Venere. The models are Rebecca Pace and Angele Camilleri, Make up Elaine Galea and Hair Vanusia Mifsud Vella. The shoot was directed by Adrian J Mizzi and as you might guessed already .. I was the Photographer ..

Illuminated Trail – Gianpula

Since it was almost Christmas time we decided to shoot at the Illuminated Trail Malta for the Christmas programme. We wanted something different this year since cause of the what’s going on with the Covid19, hence why we decided to use this drive through village.

As you can see from the photos, I shot both in daytime and nighttime, the reason being is because since its for a TV programme and it was quite windy, I couldn’t take the risk of wait till the evening and have issues with the wind. But luckily enough the wind calmed down and I could use the studio lights.

After I got back to my studio to edit, I decided to use photos from day time and night time and everyone was quite happy with the results!

That’s a wrap..

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