Venere Photoshoot Marsa Junction

This particular photoshoot was shot for the local designer Fiona Vella, it was also aired on a Maltese TV station, TVM, for the fashion program, Venere. The model is Rahel from Models M, Make up Nicole Busuttil and Hair Sacha Roberts. The shoot was directed by Adrian J Mizzi and as you might guessed already .. I was the Photographer ..

Marsa Junction

The idea about this photoshoot came after the newly built Marsa Junction, we decided to use the architecture of this flyover with a fashion twist. Since I wanted to shoot both the model and the background, I decided to use a wide angle lens, the Sigma 12-24mm which as you can see from the photos, I managed to capture some interesting shots!

I used one studio light with the natural sunlight and the difficulty was to make the studio lights similar to the sunlight to keep the consistency with the photos. Location was interesting but difficult in the same time, we had workers looking over the shoot and might put the model in an uncomfortable state but overall I loved the shoot and have to admit its one of my favourites shoots!

That’s a wrap..

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