Venere Photoshoot MCC

This particular photoshoot was shot for the local designer Drew Warhurst for his brand Drew & Crew, it was also aired on a Maltese TV station, TVM, for the fashion program, Venere. The model is Desphina Zahra, for Make up Elaine Galea and Hair Sacha Roberts, shoot was directed by Adrian J. Mizzi and as you might guessed already .. I was the Photographer ..

Mediterranean Conference Centre

For this particular photoshoot, we wanted to create a tribute to all the theatres that unfortunately cause of the Covid 19 pandemic has to be shut down. Hence why we decided to use the Mediterranean Conference Centre (MCC) for our shoot. As one can see from the photos, there is plastic all over the seats which is something that haven’t happened for the past 30 years.

I used one set of of lightning to light up the model and then I used the theatre lightning to light up the background, one thing that was against us was the heat, since there is no windows and ventilation it was quite hot especially for the model with the dress and makeup. But overall it was a great shoot and loved every second of it.

That’s a wrap..

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