Venere, the television programme that has won the award for best lifestyle programme of Malta Television Awards
We’ll meet the top stylists, make-up artists, Photographers, fashion gurus and Malta’s top models. We’ll live through the process of creating the superlative photographs we are accustomed to see on the top fashion magazines.

Venere Photoshoot – Rainbow

Venere Photoshoot Rainbow – This was my first Venere‘s shoot for season of 2021 / 2022, for this shoot we had seven wonderful dresses from the local designer Fiona Vella. Complimenting the dresses we also had jewellery from Fiona’s sister, Victoria Theuma. For makeup we had the makeup artist, Marlene Vassallo and for hair we had Vanusia Mifsud Vella. Domina Řízková and Kristina Critien were our two models for this programme. The shoot was directed by Adrian J. Mizzi and Elaine Galea, since I uploaded this shoot, you guessed it! I was the photographer!

Rainbow Photoshoot Idea

For this shoot, we had these beautiful seven colour dresses and we needed to find a location to make sure that the dresses stand out and not get lost with the background. After a lot of brainstorming with the designer, we decided to shoot in the streets of Cottonera, mainly Bormla and Senglea.

Reason being we chose this place is because there is a lot of narrow stairs and old architecture which is a bit darker and thats what we were looking for. To make the dresses brighter and create more contrast, I used a one studio light which helps to separate the subject from the background.

Overall it was quite an interesting shoot and since we had a lot of dresses was a bit difficult for everyone since it was hot weather and a bit tiring! We had to walk all around Bormla and Senglea in the summer heat! It wasn’t the first time working with the designer and models so I believe we worked perfectly together!

From the editing perspective, the main struggle was to choose 10 photos out of all the other good ones we had! (I cheated a bit here and added 14 photos!)

Until the next one..

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