About this PROJECT


Justin recently refreshed the branding for his own brand, JUST Studio. He began by designing and printing new business cards, including three distinct versions. 

In addition to the business cards, Justin also worked on rebranding the website. He aimed to create a faster loading site compared to the predecessor, and also a more sleek design. Hopefully he will keep his promise with updating the website more often with new content!


With a wealth of branding experience under his belt, Justin of JUST Studio set out to refresh the branding for his own business. The project began with the creation of new business cards, for which Justin designed and printed three distinct versions. Reflecting his recent focus on design work, he added a new card featuring the text “I DO DESIGN!” to complement the existing “I SHOOT PEOPLE” card. He also came up with the idea for a playful card bearing the phrase “YOU’VE BEEN SHOT!”, to be used at photography conferences like SIGMA and ICE, as a way to stand out in a sea of cards.

Additionally, Justin worked on rebranding the website, with the goal of creating a faster-loading and more sleek design. He made the decision to prominently feature his name as the header, and divided the site into two main sections: Design and Photography. With today’s fast-paced, attention-deficient culture in mind, Justin believes that a clean, easy-to-navigate website is crucial for keeping visitors engaged.


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