About this PROJECT


Justin is proud to be the brand designer of Malta Fashion Week for the past 3 years. The event is a premier fashion event in Malta and Justin was thrilled to have the opportunity to design the branding for it.

His goal is to create a visual identity that would be reflective of Malta’s fashion scene and would be fitting for the event. 


As a brand designer, Justin was tasked with designing the branding for the Malta Fashion Week. The project was led by Adrian J. Mizzi, the president of the fashion week, and included a team of creative individuals who helped bring the project to life.

The team started with a series of brainstorming sessions to come up with a concept that would be fitting for the event and reflective of Malta’s fashion scene. Everyone paid close attention to detail throughout the process, as they knew that the branding would be used across a variety of different media, both online and in print.

Justin made sure that the designs were consistent across all platforms and that they would be easily recognizable by the general public. He also made sure that the branding was flexible enough to be adapted to different formats, such as social media posts, billboards and magazine ads. Overall, it was a challenging but exciting project and everyone was happy with the end results.


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