ClientRIME Media

My RoleUX / UI Branding

Duration4 Months



Introducing “Odds Fanatic,” the dynamic sports affiliate website under the ownership of Rime Media. This platform stands as a gateway to the thrilling world of sports betting, offering a curated selection of top-tier betting casinos across various sports. With a commitment to diversity and a keen focus on expert insights, Odds Fanatic ensures an engaging and informed betting experience.

Justin’s Role

In his role for “Odds Fanatic,” Justin led branding efforts, conducted thorough research in the sports betting landscape, and crafted an intuitive UX/UI design. His contributions aimed at creating a distinctive identity, aligning with industry trends, and enhancing user experience, showcasing his commitment to a seamless and captivating platform.


The “Odds Fanatic” project began with a detailed client interview, laying the foundation for a thorough understanding of their vision and goals for the sports betting affiliate website. This collaborative approach allowed for the identification of key objectives, target audience preferences, and essential features to be incorporated into the design.

Drawing inspiration from extensive research on industry trends and user preferences, the branding strategy unfolded, leading to the development of a distinctive logo, a carefully selected color palette, and visually compelling design elements. Leveraging Figma for collaborative design and Adobe Creative Suite for refinement, the UX/UI design was meticulously crafted to ensure an intuitive and engaging platform. The iterative development process, marked by continuous client reviews and feedback loops, guaranteed that the final product not only met but surpassed expectations, offering a responsive and visually captivating experience for users across various devices.

Exploration Phase


Justin conducted several interviews and desk research to increase empathy and understand market well.


In a thorough Skype meeting, Justin and the client extensively discussed the sports affiliate website project, covering goals, KPIs, and competitor analysis. Beyond functional aspects, the conversation also discussed about the visual design, with a specific focus on colour selection. Justin proposed a harmonious blend of blues and oranges, emphasizing their role in conveying trust, professionalism, and excitement—a crucial factor for engaging a diverse audience in the sports industry.

Inspired by successful implementations, the color palette discussion aimed not only at aesthetics but also at strategically influencing user emotions and brand perception. Leveraging the client’s sports industry expertise, Justin gained insights into the target audience, enhancing the team’s understanding. This collaborative exchange sets the stage for informed decision-making in subsequent development stages, laying a solid foundation for crafting an effective sports affiliate website that stands out in the dynamic online sports landscape.

Exploration Phase


After research Justin chose insights to test and use in future design.

•  Users use several affiliate websites at the same time

•  Design Mobile First, 70% of the users prefer mobile devices for browsing

•  The majority of users visit affiiliate websites morning or evening

•  The average age and gender varies a lot when it comes to affiliate websites  



Justin worked on an interactive prototype for user testing



It was important to chose colours depends on the theme of the sports affiliate site. It was decided to use bold and contrast colours, mainly blues and oranges, to be aligned with the sports look and feel.

Logo Type

Upon reviewing the diverse logo designs crafted by Justin, the stakeholder made the strategic choice to select a minimalist logo. This decision was because the website itself would feature a vast amount of imagery, and a sleek, unobtrusive logo would match effectively with the overall visual complexity. This thoughtful selection not only ensured coherence within the design elements but also prioritised a clean aesthetic for the brand.


The casino’s colour scheme revolves around Teal, White, and Green. Teal dominates, evoking sophistication, while White adds a clean, modern touch. Green injects a fresh, lively vibe, symbolising luck and growth. This harmonious palette enhances the visual appeal and aligns seamlessly with the casino’s dynamic atmosphere.

User interface


Several elements from the design system


Switches & Toggles




Focusing on User Experience best practices



Designing Mobile first and after convert to Desktop


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