About this concept


The dark version of the app would feature a sleek and sophisticated design, with a black and metallic colour scheme to match the aesthetic of the Metal card. It would also include exclusive features and benefits for Metal cardholders, such as advanced spending analytics, higher withdrawal limits, and access to exclusive perks and discounts. Overall, the dark version of the Revolut app would be a premium offering for the most dedicated and affluent users of the platform.


As Justin continued to research and develop his idea for a dark version of the Revolut app, he decided to start by creating the app design from scratch using Figma and Illustrator. These are professional design tools that allow for detailed and precise design work, such as creating user interface elements, wireframes, and mockups.

In order to ensure that the icons and overall design aesthetic would be in line with the existing Revolut app, Justin used Google Material Design as a starting point. Google Material Design is a design language that provides guidelines and principles for creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces. Justin then tweaked the icons and other design elements to make them more similar to the ones used in the existing Revolut app.

For the color scheme, Justin choose different shades of black and grey to create a dark and sophisticated feeling that would match the aesthetic of the Metal card. He also used the San Francisco font which is the system font for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. This font is known for its clean and modern design, which would complement the overall aesthetic of the app.

With the design elements in place, Justin then created the mockups using mainly Photoshop. Mockups are a visual representation of how the app will look and function, and they allow for testing and evaluating the design before the actual development of the app takes place.


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