ClientSkol Casino

My RoleUX / UI Branding

Duration5 Months

Target Audience25 - 40 yrs old


Skol Casino is the latest project by Whitehat Gaming, it is build with the intention to attract younger audience, hence we the unique style of haveing a quirky and fun elements. Skol Casino is licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Justin’s Role

Justin’s role on the project involved shaping the brand’s visual identity and enhancing the user experience through thoughtful UI design. In this portfolio entry, Justin will give a brief overview of the work he accomplished alongside the talented team behind Skol Casino, an online casino platform.


In the dynamic landscape of the iGaming industry, there are countless online casinos, each competing for attention through diverse themes and styles tailored to specific target audiences, our team was entrusted with the unique challenge of conceptualising and launching a distinctive casino experience. The stakeholder articulated the need for a fresh and innovative approach, aiming to captivate an audience distinct from those traditionally associated with their existing casinos.

Promptly responding to this project, our team initiated an intensive brainstorming session to form a solid brand identity, encompassing the casino’s name, stylistic elements, and, crucially, the user experience. Recognising the urgency of the project, especially with the ambitious goal of a pre-conference launch in London, we swiftly mobilised our resources to generate comprehensive mockups and innovative concepts, ensuring a seamless blend of creativity and functionality in the proposed user interface and experience.

Exploration Phase


Justin conducted several interviews and desk research to increase empathy and understand market well.


During a Skype interview, Justin engaged in a thorough discussion with the client, exploring the ideas of the project. They covered essential aspects such as goals, and objectives. Delving deeper, the conversation extended to planned business processes, essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and a meticulous analysis of the main competitors in the product landscape.

Drawing on the client’s valuable prior experience in casino development, the session proved exceptionally fruitful. The client shared invaluable insights into the subtleties of the target audience and its unique features, leveraging past casino ventures to inform a more strategic approach to the current project. This collaborative exchange not only enriched the team’s understanding of the project but also set a positive tone for well-informed decision-making in the subsequent stages of development.


In a discussion with the VIP manager, Justin introduced an innovative concept: engaging with a curated group of VIP players to explore and discuss the nuances of the new project. This fresh approach, uncharted in previous endeavors, resonated positively with players who not only welcomed the idea but also felt a sense of inclusion within the team.

Following these insightful interviews, Justin garnered a wealth of user-centric information. This engagement not only strengthened the connection between the casino and its VIP players but also provided invaluable insights that enhanced Justin’s understanding of the project from the players’ perspective.

Exploration Phase


After research Justin chose insights to test and use in future design.

•  Players use several casinos at the same time.

•  Design Mobile First, 70% of the players use mobile devices for playing.

•  The majority of players play either during lunch break or else in the evening

•  The male to female ratio of players is getting narrower



Justin worked on an interactive prototype for user testing



It was important to chose colours depends on the theme of the casino, we went with natural colours with Teal, White and Green

Logo Type

Upon reviewing the diverse logo designs crafted by Justin, the stakeholder made the strategic choice to select a minimalist logo. This decision was because the website itself would feature a vast amount of imagery, and a sleek, unobtrusive logo would match effectively with the overall visual complexity. This thoughtful selection not only ensured coherence within the design elements but also prioritised a clean aesthetic for the brand.


The casino’s colour scheme revolves around Teal, White, and Green. Teal dominates, evoking sophistication, while White adds a clean, modern touch. Green injects a fresh, lively vibe, symbolising luck and growth. This harmonious palette enhances the visual appeal and aligns seamlessly with the casino’s dynamic atmosphere.

User interface


Several elements from the design system


Switches & Toggles




Focusing on User Experience best practices



Designing Mobile first and after convert to Desktop


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