About this Casino


Justin had the privilege of working on the Skol Casino project, a brand managed by White Hat Gaming. His role on the project involved shaping the brand’s visual identity and enhancing the user experience through thoughtful UI design. In this portfolio entry, Justin will give a brief overview of the work he accomplished alongside the talented team behind Skol Casino, an online casino platform.


The Skol Casino project presented a unique challenge for Justin and his team. Through numerous creative brainstorming sessions, they honed in on a concept that would bring a fresh and user-friendly experience to players. The team recognized the popularity and ease of use of streaming services like Netflix and aimed to incorporate similar features into the Skol Casino website. With the goal of creating an intuitive and recognisable user experience, Justin and the team aimed to bring a new level of user-friendliness to the online casino world.

With the word “Skol” meaning “cheers” in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish, Justin conducted extensive research to arrive at the concept of showcasing exotic animals in a homely environment. The goal was to differentiate Skol Casino from White Hat Gaming’s other casinos and appeal to a diverse audience of players, ranging from the younger to older generation and both male and female players.


Justin leverages his expertise in UI design to create seamless user experiences for his clients. For the Skol Casino project, he utilised Figma to design both the web and mobile interfaces, as it proved to be a reliable tool without any hindrances during the design process. To enhance the images and align them with the established branding, Justin used Adobe Photoshop. In order to maintain efficiency and productivity, Justin relied on his trusty iMac Pro for his primary setup and his iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil for convenient image editing on-the-go.


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