About this Project


As a visual designer, Justin was proud to be a part of the team behind the creation of this new casino ‘Slotnite’. Inspired by the popular game ‘Fortnite’, the name itself speaks to a younger demographic.

With the aim of appealing to this market, Justin and the team infused the branding with a playful and energetic vibe through the use of vibrant backgrounds and quirky characters. For a deeper look into the project, be sure to check out the rest of the content here!


Justin was tasked with bringing the vision for the new online casino, Slotnite, to life. With the goal of attracting a younger generation of players, Justin worked to create a bold and playful branding scheme, incorporating a bright and dynamic colour palette. Starting with an initial plan for three main colours, Justin eventually opted to incorporate a wider range of hues, using different shades to distinguish various promotions and pages throughout the site. By doing so, he aimed to create a fresh and exciting look and feel that would set Slotnite apart from other casinos owned by WhiteHat Gaming.


Justin has a clear preference for his tools of the trade. He finds that Sketch stands out as his go-to software for designing user interfaces, as it has proven to be reliable and efficient in creating both web and mobile interfaces. In addition to Sketch, Justin leverages Illustrator to create any necessary design assets, opting for vector-based imagery. He also occasionally utilises Photoshop to enhance his designs. To ensure seamless and productive workflows, Justin alternates between using his Macbook Pro at the office and his iMac Pro at home.


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