SIGMA 2021 Photos

After the ups and downs cause of this pandemic, Thanks to SIGMA, it was great to reconnect with my clients and also was my absolute pleasure to meet new people in this iGaming industry!

Below you can find a selection of photos that I captured during the three days of the SIGMA conference. One can download the photos easily with the ‘download button’ in the top right corner but if you have any difficulty feel free to contact me directly!

On another note, as some of you might know, I finally took the bold step and started to work full time as a designer (mainly visual and UI/UX) and also photography (mainly events, conferences and corporate photos). You can follow my work on my new LinkedIn page: JUST Studio, my Instagram or my Facebook (Do I have to write Meta now?).

Should you wish to get in contact and/or schedule a meeting for a particular project or event in mind. You can contact me directly at or my phone number +356 79272974.

Hope you like the photos and feel free to share with your colleagues and friends! Would be great if you credit / tag me when uploading any of the photos on your social media platforms!

Till next time!