About this concept

Justin, was moved by the growing conversation about the CoronaVirus on social media. He was determined to come up with an innovative concept for a new product, and thus he came up with the idea of creating a landing page design for the “Apple Mask Pro.” He began by developing a single design, but as he progressed, he felt the need to make it more visually striking by creating additional options. He added a standard version, a Pro version similar to the iPhone, and finally the iMask (iPhone XR version) which comes in different colors to cater to different preferences.


The Apple Mask concept created by Justin proved to be a hit among journalists and influencers, who reviewed it on their websites and social media. Some popular reviewers were CultofMac and WinFuture, as well as many YouTube videos and blogs.

To bring his concept to life, Justin relied on Figma for the user interface of the landing page design and Adobe Photoshop for the Apple Mask designs. He used an iMac Pro as his primary setup and also made use of an iPad Pro to edit and manipulate images as needed. The success of this project solidified Justin’s reputation as a talented and creative designer.


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