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Visual & UI/UX Design

In addition to his experience in various fields, Justin’s skills in marketing, branding, visual design, and UI/UX design have allowed him to excel in his role as a designer. He has worked with a range of clients around the world, including affiliates, casinos, and recruitment agencies, to create high-quality websites that meet the needs of the user.

His attention to detail and ability to understand the needs of his clients has made him a valuable asset in the iGaming industry, where he has been working for the past seven years. Overall, Justin’s combination of technical skills and industry experience make him a well-rounded and highly skilled designer.

Featured Project

Odds Fanatic

Odds Fanatic is a new global betting website that gives you the latest NFL odds, NHL odds and NBA odds and many other competitive sports. You can also find betting tips from our team of experts to help you make smarter bets on your favourite sport.

Featured Project

Revolut Metal Version

After Revolut introduced the Metal card for their users, I got the idea of designing a dark version of the Revolut app, which will be only available for the elite users who own the Metal Card.

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