About this Casino


Justin,  was tasked with creating a design for a new online Casino, ‘Luckly Casino’. Before beginning the design process, Justin conducted thorough research on the target audience for the website, which was primarily composed of individuals who were interested in online gambling. He took note of the competitors in the market and analyzed their design elements, as well as the preferences of the target audience.


With this information in hand, Justin began brainstorming ideas for the design of the website. He made several sketches and mockups, experimenting with different layouts and colour schemes. He also considered the user experience, making sure that the navigation was intuitive and easy to use.

Once he had a solid concept for the design, Justin began bringing it to life using design software such as Figma and Photoshop. He used Figma for creating wireframes and prototyping, and Photoshop for creating visual elements such as graphics and images. Through the use of these tools, Justin was able to create a sleek and visually appealing design that was tailored to the target audience. The final design was well received by the clients and the website went live successfully.



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